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Bernhard Hacksteiner
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Bernhard Hacksteiner, born in Tyrol is now living in Vienna, Austria. He studied Drums in Munich, Germany and Jazz Drums in Innsbruck and Vienna. Since 2005 he played with various musicians like Charly Fischer, Adam Holzman, Marco Minnemann, Florian Bramböck, Franz Hackl, Gene Jackson Albert Kreuzer. Today he works as a Freelance Musician and Teacher in Vienna. For booking just send an e-mail to hackidrums@yahoo.com


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with Walter Singer - Double Bass, Bernhard Hacksteiner – Drums Guests: Florian Bramböck, Stefan Preyer, Martin Nitsch, Gerald Rumpold, Martin Ohrwalder, Karl Sayer Sample


with Adam Holzmann – Fender Rhodes, Roland Heinz – Guitar, Bernhard Hacksteiner – Drums

Slaved Called Silver

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Raining Sunshine Band


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